As far as we can tell the Dept. of Agriculture is just the enforcement arm of Monsanto and other groups who want to bully individual farmers but can’t do so on their own legally.

We don’t need a Department of Agriculture. Farmers know how to grow stuff. Distributors, truckers, and stores know how to get it to the people. People know how to eat it.

All we need is a few simple rules to avoid fraud and harm:

1. Food has to be labeled accurately. People have a right to know what the hell they are eating.
2. Selling food that is poisonous is crime, fully enforceable by law.

Anything else can be handled by the States or local communities. The Dept. of Agriculture is hereby closed.

Cha-ching, we just saved $139,000,000,000. You’re welcome…

What you eat is up to you, choose wisely, choose poorly, eat vegan, eat primal, whatever, your choice, your consequences…